Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesdays Are Sacred

It's a little strange that my first blog post is not going to be about cooking, but it's Tuesday and Tuesday's aren't about cooking they're about best friends. These best friends:

L-R: Kristen, Me, Corinne, Christy
Center: Jen
Tuesdays didn't used to be sacred. They actually didn't used to mean anything. It all started on a Thursday in March 2009. I had just moved back in with my parents after a break up so needless to say I was feeling sad and lonely. So my friend Christy invited me to the Houlihan's near my house. She said they had a great patio, live acoustic music, and great drink specials. I was sold at the word "patio"! And I guess from there the rest is history. Houlihan's became a Thursday night tradition for Christy, Lindsay, and me. We'd meet up there for drinks and appetizers after Christy got off work. Then slowly our other friends started to join us. Then Thursday night drinks changed into Tuesday night dinners because that was the most convenient night for everyone to meet up. So since August of 2009 we've been meeting almost every Tuesday night for dinner.
L-R: Jen, Christy, Me, Kristen, and Lindsay
 It varies from week to week where we go. Some weeks we feel like splurging on steak. Some weeks it's cocktails because someone had a bad day at work. We've spent almost three hours in Bread Co. before. We've even gone to someone's house to cook a big fantastic dinner for ourselves. And tonight we went to IHop for National Pancake Day.

The thing about Tuesdays is that it never really matters to me what we're eating or drinking. I always leave dinner feeling fulfilled and refreshed. And I guess that's the life lesson in all of this, you can be eating the fanciest and most expensive meal you've ever had and have a crap time because you aren't with good company. Or you can have spent $4.11 at IHop on two eggs over easy and bacon but feel like you've had a swanky meal all because you're dining with your best friends. Eating is important of course and I of all people always appreciate some good food, but I truly believe that Tuesday night dinners are part of what keeps us as close as we are. It's that one chance we have during the week where life slows down and we sit and talk about anything and everything. I'm lucky to have found a group of girls who are all so amazing, caring, and selfless. I'm honored to be their friends...and once you throw in a good meal and some good cocktails that is why Tuesdays are sacred.
L-R: Lindsay, Me, Jen, and Christy
Much Love!
Jess aka The Single Girl

P.S. After telling two of the best friends about this blog at dinner tonight, they've told me they are willing to expand our restaurant horizons. So expect some future reading about lots of the restaurants in the area.


  1. I am beyond excited that you showcased National Pancake Day!!! I thought about it, but I wasn't in the mood for pancakes. Not to mention, that I suck at making them. They usually taste okay, but I guess I'm not a good flipper? :)

    I also love this post because truly this is what our blog is all about.

    ♥ Friends, Family & FOOD ♥

  2. Love it! I am so glad you decided to persue this! Can't wait for more!