Monday, March 28, 2011

The Pizza Tour

Cook.Eat.Drink.Repeat and a few friends had a fabulous dinner last week at Gyro House. The food was great and the conversation was even better. And I promise there will be pics and a review coming soon, but tonight I want to talk about...PIZZA!

Pizza is probably my favorite food. I tend to joke that I could eat it everyday, but I'm pretty sure if it came down to it I would definitely be able to do that. And if you asked me right now what would I want my last meal to be I would hands down choose the Margherita Pizza from Peel Wood Fired Pizza Eating that pizza is pure bliss to me. It tastes exactly what I have always imagined pizza from Italy tasting like. It's simple. It's delicious. It's my favorite.

My love for this particular Margherita Pizza lead to a discussion about all our favorite pizza places while eating dinner last week. And from there we came up with The Pizza Tour of 2011. And now we need your help... Please leave a comment with your favorite pizza place and what you like to eat there. Or a comment with a pizza place you've been dying to try. And this summer Jessica and I, along with our fabulous volunteers who also love pizza are going to visit as many of these places as we can and come up with our favorites!

Thanks for your help! And if you're willing to eat some pizza with us, let me know!

Much Love!


  1. I am sooooo excited about this tour!!! The only place on my list right now is Mama Gusto's in Lebanon. I've heard the Sicilian Deep Dish is the way to go!!! We shall see!!!!

  2. I've heard that joanies pizza in soulard is good!

  3. Thanks for the suggestion Courtney! I've heard that too. It's officially on the list!

  4. Jessica, I have so many for you! Dewey's Pizza is one of my favs - I love their X-Pepperoni. And Pi Pizzeria is deep dish delight! I also love California Pizza Kitchen. They are famous for their BBQ pizza but I personally love their vegetarian pizza w/eggplant :) JJ Twigs have their famous double decker pizza which is pretty good as well.

  5. Yum! Those look amazing! When I regain my sense of smell, I'm going out for pizza!