Saturday, April 16, 2011


I normally wouldn't do this...but I feel the need to share with you the fact that I made something the other night and sucked!!!  My husband wouldn't even eat it and he eats everything!!!

It was a recipe that I doctored up a bit.  Maybe it was the fact that I doctored it up and I should have just left it alone.  I'm not sure, but like I said IT SUCKED!  I of course still ate it because I truly do eat EVERYTHING.

The recipe was a "takeout fakeout" of Sesame Chicken found at Food Network from Melissa d'Arabian the winner of season five of The Next Food Network Star.  I love how she is a mother and likes to fix healthy and affordable meals for her family.  I also love the "takeout fakeout" concept.....this however....not so much.

I doctored it up by adding some panko breadcrumbs to the chicken after coating it in the flour.  I thought this would give it some extra crunch.  I also made a glaze of sweet chili sauce, fresh orange zest and juice.  I honestly think that it was not my additions to this recipe that made it so gross.  You could really taste the raw flour on the chicken.  Now, I did omit the butter that she poured over the chicken and THAT is probably where I went wrong.  I just lightly sprayed the chicken with olive oil, because really butter?  You might as well deep fry it if you are going to pour butter over it.  Right?

So, I don't think it needs to be deep fried, but next time I just may go ahead and lightly fry the chicken in a skillet and just to be on the safe side reduce the glaze in sauce pan rather than having to thicken it with cornstarch.  That may just be the trick.  OR omit the flour and just use the panko breadcrumbs OR just pick up the phone and order takeout.  ☺

In the did look kind of pretty, right??? 

Too bad it just didn't taste pretty and that is what really counts.

So...for all of you who think I don't screw stuff're wrong! 

I do....I just normally don't blog about it.

Jessica Dudley


  1. That's too bad, it looks really good!

  2. "So for those of you who think I don't screw stuff're wrong" What a joke they obviously do not know you ........aren't you the black sheep, and all that crap about family, yours moved away, hmmmmmmmmmm why is that???