Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Make your own....Fat Free Potato Chips in under 8 minutes!!!

I thought that may catch your attention!!! 

You probably have everything you need right now to make your own healthy potato chips at home and you didn't even know it.  All you need is a potato, knife, and a microwave.  Optional items to make it just a tad easier and a bit tastier would be parchment paper and seasoning of your choice. 

STEP #1 - Slice your potato:   The thickness is going to make a difference on how long it takes to cook them properly, but the most important thing is to try and get them cut at the same thickness.  I like mine cut to about 1/8th of an inch or so.

If you have a mandolin it is a great tool to use for this.  I do have one, but honestly it's kind of a pain in the rear to get out and use.  So, if I'm only making enough for one meal or a snack, I just use a knife.  If I'm going to make a big batch I go ahead and get out my mandolin. 

STEP #2 - Microwave:  Place the slices in a single layer onto parchment paper, season according to your taste and place into your microwave.  Zap'em for about 6 minutes.  Check for crispness.  They will need to be browned in order to get crisp.  You may need a rotate a few from the middle to the outer edge so they evenly cook.  If they aren't quite done pop'em in for another minute or two.  It's important to watch them carefully at this point...you want dark brown...not black.

So, be sure to watch them carefully, especially the first few times you make them.  Once you get to know your microwave and how long it takes...it will be a breeze!

Now go.....CRUNCH AWAY.....GUILT FREE!!!!

Our picnic tonight was: Grilled Turkey Burgers, Homemade Chips & Fruit Salad
(Oh and juice for the boys and a brewsky for mom & dad)
Potatoes, Fruit Salad, Tomatoes, Lettuce & Homemade Pickles (made from fancy cucumbers) all courtesy of the Community Helpings Coop!!!  

To find out if Community Helpings Co-op has a delivery near you, please visit www.communityhelpingscoop.com.


  1. Lindsey "WasserMay 11, 2011 at 8:44 AM

    Those homemade chips look delicious. Mom and I will definately be trying those out. Thanks!